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The San Jose State University Biomedical Engineering Society (SJSU BMES) student chapter of BMES was established during the Spring of 2008 and is composed of graduate and undergraduate students from various engineering and science disciplines, alumni, faculty and industry professionals. Biomedical engineering is a remarkable field that seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine.

Ever since its first meeting, SJSU BMES has been consistently recognized by both San Jose State University and the National Bioengineering Society for outstanding work in promoting the biomedical engineering career. From industry tours, professional speakers, poster sessions, networking events, and community service, SJSU BMES members are active at a diversity of events.

The group had their Bay Area Biomedical Conference on March 26th – part of the Big3Bio Launch Week. The event was designed to:


  • Provide a forum for exposure to latest advances in medical device technologies and regulations
  • Hear presentations from some of the nation’s outstanding leaders in medical device technologies
  • Create an environment and a venue for medical device professionals to network
  • Meet and interact with the young minds in the university

More information about the conference and organization can be found here.

March 29th, 2014|