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Jobs Act coverage

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act, is a law intended to encourage funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations. The Act requires the SEC to write rules and issue studies on capital formation, disclosure and registration requirements.

Though it passed with bipartisan support, there have been recent developments that have garnered local and national media coverage:

From Xconomy:
At Two-Year Mark, JOBS Act Is Regulation Even A Biotech Can Love
It’s been two years since President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law and revamped the rules that govern private companies trying to raise money from all types of investors. The biotech crowd, usually hard pressed to find good things to say about federal regulation, couldn’t be more pleased with the results so far.” Full article

From SF Business Times:
Already on an IPO high, biotech looks for a sequel to the JOBS Act
“The JOBS Act — credited for the swell in biotech initial public offerings over the past 16 months — could get a sequel. What some of those changes may be is sketchy at this point — after all, it is Washington, D.C., and any legislation is more complicated than a simple nip and tuck. Other tweaks, like making sure accounting standards match up with the JOBS Act’s lighter reporting requirements for startups going public, seem unsexy.” Full article

From The Wall Street Journal:
Frustration Rises Over Crowdfunding Rules
“Unhappy with results so far of the two-year-old Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, some Republican lawmakers are pushing for changes that could weaken investor protections. They argue that entrepreneurs find some of its provisions too burdensome.” Full article

May 4th, 2014|