San Francisco Still Dominating the Competition

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San Francisco Still Dominating the Competition

Kay Koplovitz, chairman and co-founder of Springboard Enterprises, an accelerator for women-led businesses in technology, media and life sciences, wrote a feature asking if Boston and San Francisco will continue dominating innovation in the industry and gives examples about how other regions can learn from these Big3Bio regions:

San Francisco edged out Boston in total invested capital in 2013, $1.15 Billion to $933 million, however Boston led in the previous two years. The two cities have battled back and forth for the top spot in recent years, and if you are one of the other 15 cities cited in the NVCA report, you’ve got a high mountain to climb to challenge these top contenders….It isn’t just invested capital that makes the top two cities dominant in biotech; it’s their triple play, a confluence of human capital, infrastructure and financial capital which is responsible for the powerful dominance of Boston and San Francisco.”

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May 21st, 2014|