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CIRM’s Creativity Day Program

High school students across California are given the opportunity to see first-hand what it’s like to perform cutting-edge stem cell research via the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s (CIRM) program/event, Creativity Day. From CIRM:

“Called the CIRM Creativity Day Program, this is a fundamental part of our mission to train the next generation of Californian stem cell scientists. Scientists who we hope will one day advance stem cell-based therapies that relieve human suffering from chronic disease and injury.

Offered to high-caliber students of all backgrounds, one of the program’s main goals is to give those who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge biomedical research a taste of what it is like. The eight-to-ten week internship culminates with Creativity Day, an all-day event where each student showcases the results of his or her research project to senior scientists and CIRM staff.”

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July 14th, 2014|