Who Needs Biotech VCs, Anyway?

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Who Needs Biotech VCs, Anyway?

Alex Lash at Xconomy has an excellent article out that’s relevant for all Big3Bio Financial Spotlights: “Who Needs Biotech VCs, Anyway?”

The feature contains companies and people from each “Big 3” region, and the signs, statistics, and opinions on the current state of venture capital in biotech as well as new alternatives that have risen recently.

An excerpt:

“…ambitions to build companies with the muscle to make a medical difference, have largely fizzled, and at least 10 well-known venture firms have exited health care or called it quits in the past few years. At a time when the world’s health crises—Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, drug-resistant pathogens, and more—require all hands on deck, can biotech VCs be a major force behind the next 50 years of cures?

You could argue venture’s job is not to cure the world; it’s to provide superior returns. But as Big Pharma increasingly looks to biotech as its “farm system,” the uncertainty puts pressure on the entire pharma industry.”

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July 16th, 2014|