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Company Spotlight: Nora Therapeutics

Wayne Koberstein, executive editor of Life Science Leader magazine, recently profiled Nora Therapeutics in its “Companies to Watch” feature, and how the “company’s novel and lonely development of a new fertility drug belies the industry’s current uninterest in the field.”

An excerpt:

“Historically, fertility epitomizes areas fit for specialty care drugs, where the problems and solutions are more complex than in diseases treatable with a simple pill. The usual emphasis in specialty care is on the patient-support programs offering services such as education and reimbursement assistance. But the other side of patient support is answering special unmet needs to expand the therapeutic bounds. Nora Therapeutics may stand alone in completing the circle of treatment for women miscarrying with IVF or suffering repeated, idiopathic miscarriages.

In the words of the company’s president and CEO Jeffrey Tong, “We often use the analogy of pregnancy requiring both a good seed (embryo) as well as soil (endometrium). The industry has invested heavily in drugs, diagnostics, and procedures to optimize the seed. We are the only company now researching ways to optimize the soil.”

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October 2nd, 2014|