Innovation at Biotech’s Epicenter

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Innovation at Biotech’s Epicenter

In an event sponsored by Big3Bio anchor sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, Innovation, and sponsor, Halloran Consulting, Xconomy is focusing on biotech innovation and developments in the San Francisco Bay Area:

“The San Francisco Bay Area is the birthplace of modern biotech, and it runs neck and neck with Cambridge, MA, as the world’s pre-eminent life sciences hub. Much of the Bay Area’s activity has taken place outside San Francisco itself, but now the city is becoming part of the fabric as the Mission Bay neighborhood transforms into the next great urban biotech core.

On December 17, we’re gathering to discuss how the Bay Area, from Mission Bay to Berkeley to Silicon Valley, will provide unique biotech leadership in the 21st century. It’s the home of biomedical history and hallowed institutions, and it’s also teeming with anti-establishment ideas. Its entrepreneurs are turning cutting-edge science into companies to treat and cure diseases, and they’re also turning to new digital technologies to remake healthcare (and perhaps prevent disease in the first place).”

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November 17th, 2014|