Best and Worst 2014 Biotech Performers on Wall Street

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Best and Worst 2014 Biotech Performers on Wall Street

As a year-end recap, FierceBiotech takes a look at 2014’s best and worst biotech performers on Wall Street, which include a few Bay Area companies.

An excerpt:

“The biotechs on this list were selected only from those with a market capitalization of $300 million or more to avoid getting mired in the most volatile micro-caps. In addition, the stock market data only runs through Dec. 15 rather than all the way through year end, purely for pragmatic reasons…

Several of the IPOs from recent years made good this year. In fact, 6 out the 10 top-performing biotechs for the year were public companies that listed within about the last two years. Some, like Prosensa and OvaScience, had blow-ups last year but managed to turn it around in 2014, while others such as Agios, Receptos, bluebird bio and Radius Health have had bumpy rides but without any major disasters. Several, if not all, of these biotechs have subsequently raised offerings since their initial ones.”

Full article here or click the links below to see more information on each company on their full list:

Top Gainers Worst Decliners
1. Avanir Pharmaceuticals

2. Agios Pharmaceuticals

3. TG Therapeutics

4. bluebird bio

5. Receptos

6. Prosensa

7. Achillion Pharmaceuticals

8. Amicus Therapeutics

9. OvaScience

10. Radius Health

1. Aegerion Pharmaceuticals

2. Vivus Pharmaceuticals

3. Theravance

4. Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

5. Halozyme

6. Tokai Pharmaceuticals

7. Revance Therapeutics

8. Raptor Pharmaceuticals

9. OncoMed Pharmaceuticals

10. Arena Pharmaceuticals



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