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Third Rock’s New Revolution

Coverage of Third Rock Ventures launching REVOLUTION Medicines:

Xconomy: “Third Rock’s New Revolution Looks to Squeeze More Drugs From Nature”
Excerpt: “The bicoastal venture firm, with offices in Boston and San Francisco, has launched Revolution by itself with a $45 million Series A round. It will be based in Redwood City, CA. The huge Series A sum isn’t unusual for Third Rock, which prefers to enter emerging fields of biomedical science with as few partners and as much money as possible. It’s currently investing from its third fund. The problem with natural products is that nature doesn’t care about human health. Bacteria, plants, even sea cucumbers have evolved molecular properties to help themselves, and some of those properties might happen to help us. But the molecules in question often have harmful effects, too, and they are typically so complex that skilled chemists struggle to create synthetic versions that alleviate those problems.” Full article

SF Business Times: “You say you want a drug Revolution? Third Rock delivers with startup”
Excerpt: “Startup Revolution Medicines Inc. will use a $45 million Series A round from Third Rock Ventures LLC to tear apart complex natural chemicals and reassemble those building blocks as safe, effective and potentially life-changing drugs. The company, which is setting up shop in Redwood City with 12 employees, isn’t yet disclosing its timeline for getting one of its drugs into early-stage human clinical trials but said it initially will focus on treatments for fungal infections.” Full article

FierceBiotech: “Third Rock starts a $45M Revolution to soup up natural remedies”
Excerpt: “The company’s platform stems from the work of Martin Burke, Revolution cofounder and chemistry professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Burke’s lab invented a proprietary method of taking complex natural chemicals and breaking down their component parts, allowing researchers to construct optimized versions using the building blocks of their reference compounds. Recognizing the promise of such an approach, Third Rock stepped in and licensed the technology from U of I, bringing Burke into the fold and launching Revolution with firm partner and biopharma veteran Dr. Mark Goldsmith at the helm.” Full article

MedCity News: “Like a Lego: Third Rock’s $45M venture makes synthesizing nature’s drugs modular”
Excerpt: “Third Rock Ventures just funneled an impressive $45 million to launch a new Bay Area company, Revolution Medicines, that fine tunes nature’s approach to developing drugs. The idea is to modify naturally occurring drugs to deliver the optimal pharmaceutical benefit – without the negative side effects. Revolution Medicines is, after all, a portmanteau of the words “redesigning evolution,” CEO Mark Goldsmith said. Turns out these complex molecules found in nature can actually be simplified into modular structures, which can be pieced back together to make a drug of choice.” Full article

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