Bay Area #2 Biopharma Cluster in GEN List

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Bay Area #2 Biopharma Cluster in GEN List

“Ranking season” has begun.

Generally in March, several media resources tally their data and information for the year to show the developments in various life science regions, and this year GEN starts off the “season” with its annual “Top 10 U.S. Biopharma Clusters” list – how did the Bay Area fare among the Big 3 and the rest of the country? Holding steady at:

  • #2. San Francisco Bay Area

    The region of the Golden Gate and vicinity tops the field in patents (8,851), only 19% of which are the 1,683 patents held by the Trustees of the University of California. SF finishes a very close second to Boston-Cambridge in 2014 venture capital ($1.816 billion in 110 deals) and fourth in NIH funding ($143.996 million) and jobs (50,038 according to JLL).1 While the region was also pegged fourth in lab space with 10.89 million square feet of lab space, that’s an awful lot lower than recorded in past years (29.7 million, according to the 2014 GEN List). So let’s split the difference and say 20 million square feet, which would catapult SF to a very close second behind New York/New Jersey. But no less than 2.797 million square feet is under construction in NY/NJ, so in a year or two, depending what gets built in the Bay Area, we could be looking at a new leader in lab space.

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