California’s Bet on Precision Medicine

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California’s Bet on Precision Medicine

From Antoinette F. Konski of Foley & Lardner LLP:

California sees opportunities in personalized medicine. Earlier this month, Governor Brown announced the creation of a two year initiative –California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine to “begin building infrastructure and assembling resources necessary to advance precision medicine-orientated data, tools and applications.”

Seven Key Objectives

The California Initiative seeks to leverage the State’s expertise in medical technology and informatics. Briefly, the seven stated objectives are:

  • To foster communication between public and private entities toward advancing precision medicine;
  • To create an “asset inventory” that will document the current precision medicine efforts currently underway in the state;
  • To inform a precision medicine strategy for the state based on the public-private partnerships and the information collected from the asset inventory;
  • To maximize the involvement from the private sector;
  • To assemble expert project teams to conduct “demonstration projects” in disease-focused areas;
  • To share the results of the demonstration projects with the public; and
  • To position California as a leader in precision medicine.

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April 27th, 2015|