Bioengineered Rhino Horn Aims to Gore Poaching

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Bioengineered Rhino Horn Aims to Gore Poaching

From GEN: Pembient, a biotech startup that fabricates wildlife products, indicated that it can produce synthetic rhinoceros horn by means of 3D bioprinting. The company displayed samples at a demonstration day organized by IndieBio, a biotech accelerator that provides Pembient mentorship and laboratory space. During the demonstration day, which took place June 11, Pembient also announced a crowdfunding campaign to sequence the genome of the black rhinoceros and release it to the public domain.  Full article


Will Pembient’s 3D-printed rhino horn save the species from extinction?
Biotech firm creates fake rhino horn to reduce poaching
Synthetic rhino horns are being 3D printed in an effort to defeat poachers


June 22nd, 2015|

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