Google X: Device Can Improve Clinical Trials

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Google X: Device Can Improve Clinical Trials

From Jennifer Rhodes of BioCentury:

“Google X’s life sciences division has unveiled its latest project aimed at enabling proactive and preventive healthcare: a wristwatch that measures biometric and environmental data continuously to help guide disease diagnosis and treatment.

In the near term, Google X plans to work with academic and industry partners to evaluate the device for use in clinical trials, and to get feedback from physicians on which data are most medically relevant.

Andrew Conrad, head of the life sciences division at Google Inc.’s Google X research lab, envisions the watch could eventually be used by physicians for continuous monitoring of healthy and sick patients.

“Google life science’s principal idea is that we should be able to convert healthcare from reactive and episodic to proactive and preventative,” he told BioCentury.”

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June 30th, 2015|