Watching Biotech Grow Up: Q&A with Alan Mendelson

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Watching Biotech Grow Up: Q&A with Alan Mendelson

David Marcus of The Deal has a Q&A feature with longtime biotech lawyer Alan Mendelson that goes over how the industry has changed over the years. Part of the introduction:

“Despite his deep network of connections in the industry, Mendelson says he began to worry about the future of his practice during a long lull in IPOs after 2007. But thanks in part to the JOBS Act, the biotech IPO market has come back, and Mendelson has worked on at least eight IPOs since the law’s passage, including those of Kythera and OncoMed, as well as on a range of other transactions, including two venture capital financings for Coherus and a deal in which OncoMed agreed with Celgene Corp. (CELG) to co-develop and commercialize as many as six anti-cancer stem cell product candidates.

Mendelson, who graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969 and Harvard Law School four years later, is on the boards of the California Healthcare Institute, a public policy and lobbying organization for the state’s biotech industry; the Scripps Research Institute; the UC Berkeley Foundation and the UC Berkeley Department of Chemistry. He’s also a member of the UC Innovation Council, which UC system President Janet Napolitano formed last year to advise her on technology and entrepreneurship initiatives.

The Deal sat down with Mendelson in his Menlo Park, Calif., office in July to discuss his career, the impact of the JOBS Act on the IPO market, and the implications of the Affordable Care Act for the sector. Excerpts from the conversation follow.”

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September 10th, 2015|